A Wire Guard helps protect the public from downed power lines during a storm by using their vehicle and a barrier to restrict public access until the utility can make a repair. At All Bright Support Services (ABSS), a Wire Guard is fully trained and has all necessary equipment provided. Wire Guards are paid an hourly rate, reimbursed for vehicle use and paid as 1099 contractor within two weeks of the storm event. A Wire Guard should expect to work 12-16 hour shifts (7am-9pm or 7pm-9am), with assignments normally lasting 2-4 days. A Wire Guard must be at least 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license, a cell phone, wear presentable work clothing with work boots and a reliable vehicle they are comfortable driving in bad weather. No drugs or alcohol use will be tolerated.

Wire Guard Forms:

  1. Wire Guard Application

  2. W9

Wire Guard Training:

  1. Mandatory Training